Heron Pointe

DAJ Companies is proud to welcome Heron Pointe Homeowners and HOA!

DAJ Companies is an Internet Provider of solutions that delivers reliable broadband services within Multi-Tenant Buildings (MTUs) such as apartments, multi-tenant commercial properties, student housing, condos and hotels. We have brought our services to Heron Pointe at no cost to the HOA. It is available to homeowners to signup and enjoy the benefits of super high speed Internet at a very low price.


Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the cost of the service?

High Speed Internet service with DAJ Companies is $14.95 per month. There are no taxes or fees.

Is there an installation charge?

Yes, there is a one time $39.95 installation charge. This cover time and materials to get the service into your unit.

I want Wi-Fi in my unit, what do I need to do?

DAJ will install a modem in your unit at no charge. If you want Wi-Fi, DAJ can supply a wireless router at the time of installation for $49.95. We will configure the router and inform the owner of the wireless network and password. The router is warranted for 1 year from the date of installation.

Do I have to secure my wireless signal or Wi-Fi?

Yes. DAJ recommends users secure their wireless networks to protect unauthorized access.

Do I have to be at home during the installation?

Not necessarily. DAJ understands that some units may be rental or vacation units. If there is an on-site office or maintenance personnel that can be alerted to our arrival, we will install the service without you there.

Can I share my Wi-Fi with my neighbor?

No. The service is designated for the homeowner and guests. Unauthorized shared of services could lead to termination of service. DAJ’s business model makes High Speed Internet as affordable as possible.

Do I need a telephone line?

No. DAJ will bring the service in utilizing existing telephone wiring. Telephone service is not necessary.

If I have telephone service, will this interfere with it?

No. DAJ will merge the signals at the telephone companies DMARC location and split the signals out in your unit.

What is the speed of your service?

The initial setup will give you a speed of 10MB download. This is more than sufficient to stream movies from Netflix, surf the Internet, check email and stream music via Pandora or Spotify.

Can I get a faster speed?

Yes, we offer speeds of 15MB and 20MB in select areas.