Home Owners Association Frequently Asked Questions

What fees are charged to the Home Owners Association?

There are no installation or on going fees charged to the Home Owners Association. All installation charges are paid by Beach Internet.

Does your equipment require power?

Yes. Beach Internet will install one or two small units to distribute the broadband service. This can usually be drawn from a common panel. The power needs are so minimal they would not require a dedicated service.

Will you have to bury cable?

If your facility does not have a central telephone room, yes we will have to bury cable. If cable burial is necessary, a site survey will be performed with on-site personnel. All landscaping will be returned to pre-installation form. All cables will be direct-burial or placed in conduit.

Will your service affect cable TV?

No. Our services uses existing telephone lines to bring High Speed Internet into each condo unit.

What if I am in a contract with my cable TV provider?

Our service does not affect cable TV services. We do not use or impair existing cable TV lines. Cable TV is totally independent of our solution. We can still provide your homeowners and tenants with reliable, economical High Speed Internet.

Will we have to enter a contract?

No. We do require a contract from the Home Owners Association or the Home Owners.

Will every homeowner or tenant have to subscribe to the service?

No. Our service is offered to homeowners on a voluntary basis. Each homeowner can decide if they would like to subscribe to our service. The homeowners who do not will not be charged.

Why is your service better than property wide WiFi?

With property wide WiFi, all tenants, renters and homeowners share one small connection and all fight for connectivity simultaneously. Besides security, all users are affected by usage of all other users. Each user slows down every other user. With our wired solution, each homeowner has dedicated bandwidth to their condo or apartment.
With property wide WiFi the security issues, are something we cannot avoid. Wireless, through its technological nature, can be intercepted quite easily. Unlike an wired connection, you can’t just attach a device half way down the line and pick up everything that’s being transmitted. With wireless, you can actually see the data being sent and received, in real time monitoring.
Connection and low signal issues are always a headache.

What if we want Internet for every unit or condo?

Beach Internet can provide Internet for every unit in your complex. This would require a site survey to determine installation options and lead times. We will be glad to discuss options with the HOA or Property Managment about Internet in every unit. Please call our office for more details at 843-712-2537.