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Enhance your property’s appeal with affordable unlimited High Speed Internet service. Beach Internet service is designed especially for apartment and condominium residents and provides a very cost competitive alternative to traditional phone and cable companies.



Benefits Property Owners and Home Owners Associations


No cost to the HOA or Property Mangement


Internet service competition improves resident satisfaction.


No Contracts

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Every-Unit Option

The Every-Unit Option is available with discounted service plans. The service is provided to all units at a wholesale bulk rate per unit billed directly to the Property Management or Home Owners Association monthly. Each unit/homeowner will have Internet individually installed in their unit.  Includes one managed Wi-Fi hotspot for a common area.

Subscription Option

The Subscription Option is available for all service plans. The service is sold to individual residents on a subscription basis at retail rates, and billed directly to each subscriber. We need permission to market the service to residents and need at least ten subscribers to bring service into the building. Includes one managed Wi-Fi hotspot for a common area.

Our solution has distinct advantages to any wireless solution. Wireless broadband networks are inherently shared bandwidth. Stability and security are difficult to maintain:

Stability – Wireless networks are a shared medium. When one user begins a heady download, all users are affected. With our system, each user has a dedicated piece of bandwidth therefore neighbors do not affect each other.

Security – Telecommuting today is essential, even to vacationers. Shared wireless networks are insecure and easy to hack.

Passwords and sensitive data can easily be sniffed out on the network. With our system, each unit/condo would have a dedicated Internet connection. This provides a secure channel directly to the Internet. If the end user decides to install WI-FI in their unit, we require the signal to be securely encrypted providing to guarantee the safest path possible.

We are proud to announce that at each of the complexes that have our services, we proudly have HOA Presidents and Board members as our customers. We would like to thank them for their continued patronage.