In the Q3 2013 IPAS Mobile Workforce Report, it was noted that:

82% of Free WiFi services are limited, slow and unreliable.

81% have had a unsatisfactory experience with Hotel WiFi in the past year.

74% say a bad WiFi experience in a Hotel would prevent a return visit.

Condo WiFi is second only to a comfy bed.

All public WiFi networks are inherently insecure.

Why our service is superior!

Each unit is individually wired with it's own WiFi.

Each unit is individually wired with it’s own WiFi and password. There is no shared WiFi which brings the instability and insecurity.

Each unit has it's own GUARANTEED bandwidth!

With campus-wide WiFi connections, all bandwidth is shared. This means one X-Box or Netflix session can kill the whole complex. With our service, each unit has it’s own bandwidth which is more than capable of running multiple Netflix and X-Box sessions simultaneously.

More secure!

With individual passwords in each unit, you are only sharing data with people in your condo. This prevents the man-in-the-middle attacks with hackers capturing everyone’s data and passwords.

…My advice for visiting travelers would be to take steps to minimize your need for reliable wifi connections; download movies and books before you make the trip, etc. The resort’s wifi is free but not very fast or strong.

January 10, 2016 – A resort in Myrtle Beach

Our one minor frustration was the wi-fi. I found it spotty and slow in our condo. It worked best early in the morning and in the bedroom which was near the door. We were unable to use the wi-fi to stream movies to our laptops or tablets.

August 23, 2015 – A resort in Myrtle Beach

…The only thing we had issues with was the wifi. 

April 17, 2016 – A resort in Myrtle Beach.