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Internet service for Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas

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High Speed Internet in your condo for only $14.95!

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Browse our highly successful installations. Our customers include HOA Presidents and members!


At $14.95 with no taxes or fees, our High Speed Internet is affordable even for rentals.

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Blazing fast speed! Connect and stream on all your devices at once!


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Our services are FREE to Home Owners Associations. We bring our services to your homeowners free of charge to you.

HOA’s get High Speed Internet for every unit in your building or complex and save thousands $$$$. All at no cost to the HOA!

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Home Owners Associations can get all the answers to your questions right here!

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Home Owners Associations

No Cost to HOAs

We bring our High Speed Internet service to your location and make it available to your homeowners at our expense. Homeowners can signup for the service at their discretion.

We have WiFi…

With property wide WiFi, all tenants, renters and homeowners share one small connection and all fight for connectivity simultaneously. Besides security, all users are affected by usage of all other users. Each user slows down every other user. With our wired solution, each homeowner has dedicated bandwidth to their condo or apartment.

Will you have to bury cable?

If your facility does not have a central telephone room, yes we will have to bury cable. If cable burial is necessary, a site survey will be performed with on-site personnel. All landscaping will be returned to pre-installation form. All cables will be direct-burial or placed in conduit.

Frustrated with WiFI?

With WiFi deployments in Hotels, Condos and Apartment Complexes already been over subscribed and slow, can you afford to add more bandwidth pressure?

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Fast and Reliable

With equipment on-site, our Internet is very reliable. Speeds are very fast.


At only $14.95 per month, our High Speed Internet is affordable for the homeowner, 2nd home owner or investor as rental property.

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Success Stories

Check out a few of our Success Stories! Our customers include HOA members and Presidents!

All Your Devices

Our High Speed Internet is fast enough for all your devices, social media and streaming at the same time!

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Benefits for all Home Owners Associations

Bring all the benefits of affordable, reliable and safe High Speed Internet to your Homeowners!


No cost to the HOA or Property Mangement


No Contract to the HOA, Property Management or Homeowners


We pay all installation costs!

Hi Carolyn, this is Dana from Arcadian Dunes. I thought I would copy and paste a text that I got from a customer. I’m sure customers are easy to jump and tell you what you are doing bad, but you may not hear what you are doing good. Check this out:

“He has been here, fixed it and gone. That guy gets an A+ in Service.”


Awesome! Thank you for your excellent customer service. I am in the marketing industry and I deal with people everyday, all day, and it really does make a difference.
Thanks again.

Christina E.
Shipwatch Pointe II

The technician that replaced our router / modem did an excellent job. Everything seems to be working much better now.

I just wanted to make you aware of his professionalism and eagerness to correct the issue.I will be sure to let you know if I start having issues again sooner rather than putting it off.


Arcadian Dunes